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Git to SVN deploy script for easily publishing your WordPress plugins to WordPress.org


Git is my version control system of choice and SVN just feels like a step backwards. Consequently I’m using Github to store the source code of my WordPress plugins making it super easy for anyone to fork/contribute.

For months I’ve been searching for an easier way to publish my code on Github to the WordPress.org repository without typing in SVN commands and finally I’ve found it. (more…)

WPide and how I used the TGM Plugin Activation class


For a couple of months now I’ve been working on a web based development environment for WordPress. It had to be done, desktop based editors are either slow, don’t quite work the way you expect or mess with your code sometimes breaking your website in the process.

The initial version of WPide is on the WordPress plugin directory.
The bigger, better version of WPide is over on Github (V2dev branch). (more…)

Gravity Forms – adding UK specific address fields


I haven’t used Gravity Forms much, as Contact Form 7 is our form plugin of choice, but today a client wanted to have the address changed on one of his Gravity forms. Just State changing to county and zip removing from the post code section. (more…)

Replacing shortcodes in TinyMCE with a graphic


To cut a long story short I went to the Liverpool WordPress interest group last night and one thing that came up that no one seemed to have a solution for was users messing up short codes and how could we replace the short code with a more user friendly image just like the WordPress gallery short code. (more…)

Being More Social


At WP Sites we’re admittedly not the best at keeping in touch with the WordPress community through social media.  I’m sure most WordPress and hosting professionals find, like we do, that you’re busy with your own infrastructure and client’s projects, and need to make a conscious effort to look away from your development platform and pause to talk about it!

Now and then we do have a eureka or a huh? moment that we want to share.  And we’ve enjoyed a recent plethora of WordPress meet-ups that have inspired both questions and answers that deserve further research and discussion.  Over the last month we’ve managed to attend the inaugural WordPress Birmingham (don’t forget the UK) meetup, South Yorkshire WordPress User Group and Liverpool WordPress Interest Group (SWIG) – almost a clean sweep of the North West WordPress user groups and a diverse mixture of attendees, agendas and accents.  Thanks to the organisers and users of those groups we may finally have the push we need to become more social and do a little sharing…

So welcome to our blog where we may talk about WordPress development, hosting and anything else that gives us pause for thought..